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His Honour Judge James Fox-Andrews QC
1988, printed/online, 581k (Nr: 11)
Francis Goodall
1988, printed/online, 500k (Nr: 10)
Andrew W Foyle
1987, online only, 840k (Nr: 8)
John N Barber
1987, online only, 1.21MB (Nr: 7)
Martin Barnes
1987, printed/online 219k (Nr: 6)
Alistair Rettie LLB
1986, printed/online, 820k (Nr: 5)
D R Culverwell
1986, printed (Nr: 3)
Jacobus Rozemond
1986, online only, 373k (Nr: 4)
John Sims FRICS, FCIArb
1984, printed/online 479k (Nr: 2)
Alan W Shilston
1984, printed/online 530k (Nr: 1)


Our papers

The Society has published nearly 400 papers since 1984. Some are published both in hard copy and electronically (numbered), others in electronic format only (number prefixed 'D'). The hard copy papers can be purchased (except those marked with an asterisk which are no longer available). They are all also available as PDF files to download.

Those available as downloads can be accessed free by members and registered academics (students and staff) - if logged in, they will see a link to the file just above the Add to Cart button on each paper's page. Others can purchase the PDF file for a cost of £3.00. 

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The papers on this website are for use by SCL members (and those who pay for them) only, and papers may be downloaded, printed and/or otherwise retained for that purpose only by members of the SCL (and those who purchase them).  The availability of all papers past and present represents a significant benefit to members of SCL and wider dissemination of SCL papers dilutes that to the detriment of the membership.  Further and more importantly, copyright in the papers belongs jointly to the writers of the paper and to the SCL, and the SCL is not therefore in a position to provide any wider licence.  Accordingly the SCL asks members and those who purchase papers not to disseminate papers more widely than their licence allows (e.g. by posting them on internal legal resource intranet databases and the like).